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:chef:Here's a question or two.
Is there anybody out there that has taken the Culinary Institute of America Certified Executive Chef exam?

Also any opinions on what's more beneficial? ; CIA Certification, ACF Certification, PCA (Professional Chefs Association) Certification.
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The ACF certification is the only one recognized by the Federal Dept. of Labor, if that's any help.
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no kidding! I would've thought with all the magnification that the CIA has on the industry they would've been the leading certification. I'm told that if you receive certification from the CIA you are automatically issued certification from the ACF. :roll:
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You get a certified culinarian cert. or CC when you graduate from an ACF accredited program. This is the lowest certification the ACF offers.

ACF certification is by far the most beneficial. It's especially beneficial when applying to large multiple outlet operations like hotels and country clubs and not so much restaurants. People used to say a CEC was worth 10k more a year.
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I have a bunch of NRA certifications, but they really didn't get me anywhere.
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I remember when I got my CEC years ago they used to say that. "Yeah CEC is worth at least $10k on your salary, I never saw it!!!! It does something for you in the way of professionalism IF the individual that's hiring you believes in the ACF and what it stands for. But if they don't believe in chef professionalism and supporting their community or the other projects and tasks the ACF stands for and takes on it doesn't mean diddly-squat!!!

Actually, I had a GM tell me once that, to him CEC was like Ph.d "Piled high and deep!"

I never renewed my certification because I got out of the field for a while, but I do believe in it and the professionalism it stands for. Either way I've got to get re-certified at the insistence of the company. chef:
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