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Creamy Ice-cream recipe

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Can someone provide me the creamy ice-cream recipe. I'm looking for origanal recipe without ice-cream maker.

Thank you.
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Homemade recipe

This is my own homemade recipe and it taste great:

1,5 Cup Sugar
5 egg yolks
1, 25 Cup Heavy Cream
1 Cup Milk
2 tablespoon (tbs) Bailey's Original
1 tbs Kahlua
3 tbs Irish Cream Syrup (or you can subtitute with simple syrup)

1. Mix Sugar & egg with high speed mixer until pale in color and thick.
2. Boil Milk in medium heat until boil, remove from heat.
3. Pour in No. 1 into No. 2, mix with low speed mixer, then put it back into pan and bring to boil wiht low heat. Continue stirring until thicken. Remove from heat and let them cooling
4. Add in Heavy Cream, Baileys, Kahlua & Syrup -> beat with low speed mixer for one minute. Pour in into platic mixing bowl and freeze for one hour.
5. Take out from freezer and mix again with medium speed for about 2 minutes. Freeze again for one hour. Repeat this schedule for 4 - 5 times until you got the consistency that you wish. I used to repeat it up to 7 times to make it as smooth as melting mouth cookies.

After you finish with the last mixing, scoop in into an ice cream pan or whatever you want, to be freezed at least 5 hours. Ready to serve.

a. Scoop the ice cream (1 sccop is good for dessert)
b. Sprinkle with chocolate button/ chocolate slice
c. Sprinkle with mix powder (1/2 teaspoon sugar powder + 1/4 teaspoon cocoa powder)
d. Put mint leaves on top
e. You can add cookies or other as you like.

I hope this recipe could give you an inspiration. Good luck to you
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Easy Mango Ice Cream with Passionfruit

I actually made this ice cream dish compliments of one of my many 'aunties' from Australia. You don't have to use passionfruit if you don't want to but I think it adds a nice crunch to it.


2 1/2 cups ready-made custard (follow package instruction)
2/3 cup whipping cream (lightly whipped)
2 ripe mangoes (flesh removed & pureed)
sugar to taste
passion fruit to serve

How to make mango ice cream with passionfruit:
  • In a bowl, mix the custard, cream and mango puree together
  • Taste for sweetness, add to taste
  • Transfer the mango mixture to a large freezerproof container
  • Cover and freeze for 2 to 3 hours or till just frozen
  • Spoon into bowl and mash with fork or whisk to break down any ice crystals
  • Return mixture to container and freeze for 2 more hours
  • Mash once, then freeze for another 2 to 3 hours till firm
  • Transfer ice cream from freezer to refrigerator 20 to 30 mins before serving
  • Serve with passion fruit pulp
When adding sugar, you should remember that as the mixture freezes, it will taste less sweet so add a little more.
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