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Confined Spaces

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I'd like to get some feed-back regarding confined spaces in baking areas /stations.

What tools, racks, drawers, trays etc...would make your working conditions much easier? wheather it's in a small/ large area.

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Seriously, 12" s/s shelving on the walls wherever possible, wall racks where ever possible, get a cheap tray trolley (a.k.a) rack n'roll) and chop it in half, the bottom half with the wheels goes under the convection oven, the top half gets stuffed in a fridge or walk in, best to get those "Ivar" cross braces from Ikea and pop rivet them on so trays don't slide out of the back.

A favorite trick of mine is to order in an extra galvanized shelf for those s/s prep tables and have one shelf about 8" from the top, and the next shelf in about the middle, then go and stuff 3 or 4 bus tubs between the top shelf and the underside of the table top; cheap, efficiant, easy, and those bus tubs you can pull out and run through the d/washer as often as you like. Also see if you can rig up or get a few guides welded onto the pre-rinse/sink unit's legs to accept those 19" x 19" d/washing racks, and if budget allows, s/s angled wall mounted racks to accept d/washing racks. Things like that really add up and free up space, because the miser's rule applies here: Make every penny/square inch count, an the dollars/square feet will take care of themselves.
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
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