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Salsa--as in chips and salsa--favorite recipes?

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Got a great salsa recipe? I mean what we have with corn chips as an appetizer before a Mexican meal, though I know that's not the only kind. It's Spanish for sauce, correct?

Here's what I make mine with:

ripe tomatoes
red onion (mix in with tomatoes right away so they don't change flavor)
serrano chiles (chopped finely)

a little tomato sauce or paste to make it less runny, if needed
lime juice, fresh squeezed
salt to taste

I'm sure there are better recipes out there. What's yours?

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I've got an Indonesian Salsa which we called Sambal Dabu-Dabu. Originally from North Sulawesi/ Celebes Island area called Manado, a bay/ coast area. They use this Sambal as a sauce/ condiments for grilled Seafood and the people mostly eat this Sambal with Cakalang Fufu (a Smoked Tuna Fish).

Original Ingredients:
2 Firm flesh Green Tomato - cubed
1 Firm flesh Red Tomato - cubed
5 Golden Shallot/ Red Shallot/ Red Onion
5 Red Chili Paddi (Cayenne Pepper) -> if it is too hot you substitute it with 3 deseeded Red Chilies - cubed

3 tbs (tablespoon) of Lemon Juice
1 tbs granulated sugar
1 tsp table salt
1 tbs fish sauce (optional)

a. Mix together all the sauce ingredients until the salt and sugar have thouroughly disolved. Set aside.

b. Mix all basic ingredients in a bowl, then sprinkle the sauce in. Refrigerate for about 10 - 15 minutes. Ready to use.

My version of SAMBAL DABU-DABU:
Use the same ingredients and the following ingredients:
2 tbs Tomato Pasta
1 tbs Balsamic Vinegar
1 Keffir Lime Juice
1 tbs Hot Red Tabasco

2 tbs chopped Cilantro

a. the same with above but then add the tomato pasta, balsamic vinegar, kefir lime juice and tabasco.
b. The same with above -> refrigerate.
c. Just before serving, sprinkle the cilantro into the bowl -> ready to use.

We can eat them with Corn Chips or Potato Chips or Tortillia Chips as condiments.

Enjoy the recipes. :)
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Yum that sounds very good!

By the way I like gado-gado and sambal oelek.

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My ingredients are about the same but I roast all the veggies first. It still does get runny though.

Oh yeah- Fritos/Tostitos are a no-go for chips. Quarter some corn tortillas, spray with oil (I have used Pam in a pinch), dust with a mix of paprika, cumin, salt, pepper, cayenne, and ground coriander seed. Bake at 350 till they look like chips. Usually a hit.
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that's basically what I do, except I add a clove of chopped garlic and use a vidalia onion instead of red onion.

I made this plum salsa a few times and it's always a big hit:
2 cups pitted and chopped plums
1 mango, peeled and chopped
chopped scallion
3 tbsp red wine vinegar
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp cilantro
2 jalapenos chopped
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That plum salsa sounds good, healthyfoodie :smiles: What kind of plums do you use? Red, purple or?
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I happen to like the purple ones, so I usually end up buying those but I suspect that either would work just fine. Just need to make sure they are not too ripe and actually a little on the firm side. If they are soft, then it becomes difficult to cut them into squares and they end up being mushy.
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A better salsa

Your recipe sounds great, now try adding tomatillos and a jalapeno and see what happens! WOW
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I eat science everyday, do you?
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