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tarantula recipes

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can't seem to find any good recipes for cooking them, anyone has any good ones?
theyre the kindthey eat in south american tribes
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Why do I have the feeling there is a bubble-gum chewing, giggle behind this post?
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Recipe! ROTFLMAO .... Everyone knows that they're just roasted over an open flame and eaten straight away. When I was in the Peruvian jungle in 1997, we'd sometimes wrap 'em with leaves and bake 'em, but for the most part they were cooked over an open flame.

For more sensitive North American palates:
Spider Salad

BTW, I've only had the Peruvian Pinktoe, which is generally found in the northeastern forests of Peru. Try to use only the male of the species - they're generally larger and better from an ecological perspective.

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Man and I thought I had heard it all. You are serious?
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I am - I don't know about the original poster.

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yeah I'm serious but I was thinking about a Theraphosa Blondi, and dont worry about ecologycal repercutions its captive bred
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