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I have a 17yr old daughter interested in becoming a pastry chef.

I need some honest answers.

Which type of degree would be best?

She has worked in a local bakery for about a year, would actual experience be more important then a degree?

How is the current job market?

What type of entry level positions might be available?

Any other helpful advice would be great.

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I would say look at culinary schools, it will teach the basics so when working in the real world will fill in the rest of the knowledge that wasnt taught at school. I dont know about the job market for pastry but for cooks i know lots of places need help, also if she would go to school for cooking and pastry she would have two things going for her when applying for jobs after schooling.
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I think you will get helpful answers if you put this thread on the professional pastry chef forum. That forum deals with baking. Maybe one on the moderators will move it for you.
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