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Menu under the trees

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I'm a chef with a new challenge -- I need a menu to be served in a very remote forested area, by a lake at 8000' elevation, and all materials must either be carried or rowed in 1/4 mile. Propane stove burners only, no oven, though I can prepare at home and transport later to the site. And no, I'm not kidding.

Weather will be warm and mild (CA sierra mountains), view is stunning, and dinner for 2 will be enjoyed under the pine trees. Difficulty is not an issue -- anything goes. Wine suggestions too...

Any ideas? Thanks!
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Hi TS,

Is it for two only?

No need stove burner or oven if it is only for 2 people, as I used to make a wood fire, and we need to bring some bricks to prevent the fire spread out and we can putthe wire rack grilling on it. Just bring grilling & boiling tools and a pan, that's all. Fresh ingredients and meats should be brought from the city. But if you can catch the fish in the lake, then you can use this fish for the menu. I was a girl scout when I was young and during our camping event, I used to cook all ingredients that we can find in the forrest and in the lake.


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I used to live in the Sierras, which part of the Sierras are you talking about?

Definitely use a propane stove, but if you're at higher altitude, isobutane works a lot better.

Just do stuff you can sear, such as tournedos, or fish filets. Parcook your potatoes and blanch your veggies, you know, just like catering. Premake your dessert and garnishes and bring your sauces in squeeze bottles. Assemble on site.

If you have a vacuum sealer then you can just hot water reheat your items, even better. :)
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