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Iron Chef America: Homaru Cantu defeats Morimoto

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Did anyone see this battle?

Chef Cantu is over the top! Does anyone know anything about this guy? Does he have any restaurants? IMHO, after watching that episode I am ready to consider a vacation in whichever town or city that his restaurant might exist, simply to spend a few days exploring the menu.

Wow, one of the best Iron Chefs I've seen in a long time.:D
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Cantu runs Moto in Chicago.

Here's a video of some of his stuff: YouTube - Willy Wonka Chef Homaro Cantu at Pop! Tech 2006
Anulos qui animum ostendunt omnes gestemus!
Anulos qui animum ostendunt omnes gestemus!
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I actually stage'd for him 1 day @ Moto. m o t o

What words can I say to describe his cuisine... Expect the unexpected, things are not always what they appear to be. I saw lots of liquid nitrogen, and a plaque reading "WARNING BEWARE OF LASER RADIATION" hangs on the stairs down into the kitchen.

I was offered a job but ultimately had to turn it down (to my great displeasure) because I am still in school and the demands of working @ Moto would be too much to hold combined with school. I woulda worked myself into an early grave.

Chef Cantu commands a great amount of my respect, I definitely hold him in high regards as one of Chicago's brightest chefs, and it was a pleasure to observe BOH and FOH aspects for that one night at Moto.
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Am I all alone out here?This stuff bugs me. I don't want a meal that comes with a 20 page explanation on how to eat. Anyone else think this type of cooking will eventually either be played out or pared down to its actual useful applications? I have a molecular headache.
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This was how I felt when I was given the "molecular gastronomy" lecture in my Contemporary class in culinary school. I still consider myself a "meat & potatoes" kind of guy, but ever since I caught a glimpse of the menu posted on the Moto website, I have been curious.

Satisfying this curiousity is definitely what led me to do more research about Chef Cantu and ultimately this same curiouslity placed me in the kitchen for one night doing basic prep & food running.

I am still trying to catch a rerun of the IC episode, because I was working that night and have been unable to catch it since then.
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Where can I get liquid nitrogen?

Is it dangerous to work with?
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You can order it from specialy ice places actually, at least the one in my town
And it can be dangerous, if it touches your skin.
It is used alot in my restaurant actually, mainly for ice cream, which when using liquid nitrogen can be made in less that 5 minutes
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I was not taking notes, but he dunks some type of dehydrated powered cheese into the liquid nitro and pulls it out quickly. It is served to the guest "smoking" from the nitro plunge, fizzes and pops in your mouth as smoke escapes.

Really really cool
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Cantu grew up in portland oregon... he attended Western Culinary Institute le cordon bleu in portland... his father was an engineer so it was fate that one day he would get into the molecular gastronomy food craze... He worked in many kitchens on the west coast until he moved inland to chicago where he worked at Trotters where he became sous chef at, eventually. Homaru then left to open up Moto and become there executive chef. He has helped design all of his plates and untensils that he works with check them out at Moto is one of the top restaurants in the world every year for his take on food and how your eyes can fool your palate. He has done all of this by the age of 29 and will keep blowing our minds, i am actually working on a dish with one of his contacts for a new desert pasta and we will see if it all works out... hopefully it will be on his menu some day soon
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I was just amazed at watching how his kitchen works... everything is perfect
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