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I've posted these questions on some of the other forums, but the more info I can get the better.

My 17yr old daughter wants to become a pastry chef. She has been working in a local bakery for over a year. She wants to attend the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago next year.
They promote their "Le Cordon Bleu" program, a $45,000 program.

Here are my questions

Will she be wasting her time and money at CHIC? or is there a better way to spend them

What is the job market like for pastry chef's? and what kind of entry level position should she expect to find?

Any other advice would be great.

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If I were in Chicago, my first choice would be the French Pastry School. I've heard great things from their former students.
The French Pastry School - Chicago
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If she has $45,000 worth of talent then it would be worth it. As long as school is teaching you what you need to know and you can grow as a chef it is worth it. I would say to take some road trips and see other schools yourself, then decide. IMO any culinary school is only as good as the student going into it, I've fired many culinary students that really lacked basic skills and work ethic and have found some of my best workers never went to culinary, BTW you can learn just as much from working a reputable kitchen.

The job market is not good right now, the reason-- too much food channel.!!!
Everyone is a chef these days so there is a lot of competition, fortunately there are lots of bad/hack chefs out there so to get a job if you are good at what you do is not too difficult. I get resumes every month for my job LOL! You should see some of them.

As far as entry level positions go that depends on your daughters skill set, at best she could get a sous job,however for being right out of school that is unlikely unless she has had previous experience or some credible time apprenticing or staging at SEVERAL establishments.

I don't mean to be discouaging just realistic, it is a tough demanding job leaving little personal time. The chefs you see on TV do not exist in the real world, Rachel Ray would melt down in my kitchen with 250 covers on deck. Only the strong survive. Good luck.
Fluctuat nec mergitur
Fluctuat nec mergitur
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