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I want to no how to make a good curry:talk::confused::chef:
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What kind, Caribbean, Indian, Thai, Malaysian, Japanese, Chinese, etc.?
"If it's chicken, chicken a la king. If it's fish, fish a la king. If it's turkey, fish a la king." -Bender
"If it's chicken, chicken a la king. If it's fish, fish a la king. If it's turkey, fish a la king." -Bender
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I eat science everyday, do you?
I eat science everyday, do you?
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Notice how no one ever asks if it's American Curry they are looking for? ;) hahahaha *spew* that's cuz the American Curry powder (oh you know it...it's bright orange and tastes horrible!?) is the devil. :D

(And this is comin' from a stars and stripes kinda girl too!)
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cooking curry with spices

What are the best type of spices to use in curry.:chef:
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I generally make Indian style curries but I do also make Thai ones as well. As you are asking about spices I will assume that you are after an Indian dish.

Remember that Beef isn’t a commonly used ingredient in India so any curries should be attempted with chicken or lamb first (if you are a novice)

Also Curries made from scratch take a long time, the prep alone can be a while.

In a pot:

I have found that a common base is to add garlic (2-3 cloves diced), onion (red variety if you can, small x 5 diced) and ginger (1 inch diced fine) with 1 star anis, 3 cardamom, 2 cloves and cinnamon (1 stick not powder).

After this has sautéed for about 6-10 minutes on a medium heat you are able to add the next layer.

I usually add 3-4 chopped tomatoes, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp turmeric, 1 tbsp coriander powder.

And after stirring for a minute I add 500g chicken, chopped or whole it’s up to you. I find the favour infuses best if you chop the chicken into bite sized pieces.

Stir until all the chicken is coated, the longer you do this the more tasty it will be, when you have had enough (I usually find after 5 minutes) add water up to the level of the chicken, cover the pot and let cook for at least 30 minutes. Serve over rice (steamed not boiled!!!!)

If you want to spice it up you can add a whole chilli sliced down the middle.

There are thousands of curries out there, can you please give an example of what you are trying to copy , emulate so I can give you a better answer!

Bon Appetit
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It depends on what kind of curry you'll be making (Indian [madras, punjab, etc] Thai, Vietnamese, and so on. whether it's for meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, hot, medium, mild, and a myriad of other considerations, including personal taste. However, one thing I would suggest is to use whole, fresh spices as much as possible, toast them by pan roasting, and grind them fresh.

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My curry

Thank you for shareing with me all these tips Indian curry is what I was looking for ,this is how I make mines :

2tbs curry powder
2tsp cumin
2tsp marsala powder
2tbs oil
2tsp ginger grine
In a sauce pan heat two table spoon oil crush garlic and add to hot oil, mix curry,cumin and marsala in half glass of water then add to oil and stir in:lips: well then put in meat eg:chicken,fish,lamb and cover for 10 mim add salt and pepper to taste let meat cook complet serve hot, with steamed rice:lips:and sauteed ginger vegetables.
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