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I just thought id introduce myself

Im wayne , 25 and currently based in east yorkshire

I've been working in kitchens 10 yrs now , but only recently have i started to try and build a career , instead of it just being a job to earn money .

Ive always loved the job but i always worked in crap places and i was very dissolusioned in what to do ,i was for a short time a head chef , but i soon realised i dint want the job , the pressure , the hassle . so i quit.
after working for a few agencies and working in some great places like the grange in york and the royal york i realised not all place's expect amazing results when you have 3 chefs cooking for 120 covers , and by chefs i mean me , my sous and a commie.

working with 9 chefs was a totaly new experiance and it was SO nice to able to spend time on presentation and the actually cooking rather than just whacking it out because you got another 100 people waiting . And it gave me a much needed ego boost as after a few days i was able to hold my own , which may sound like nothing to you , but to me it was just a full on confidance boost, working in a rosset restaurant thats miles above what the standerds of the places your use to and being rold your more caipble than some of the full timers is quite rewarding

so im currently re-learning the basics and waiting untll i feel good enought to go out in the big world of catering

anyway thats my crappy bio over , just wanted to say HI basicly .

Whos you ?:look:
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Things are not going to change in the uk and states until employers realise that their business depends on the chef.

I work freelance now and when i take on a fairly long term job i charge 20% of sales made, why does every rep in the world get money based on sales and chefs dont.

Any way take it easy, also check out the link below its based in the uk


ChefsWorld - Chefs Jobs, Catering Jobs, Recruitment & Employment resources for chefs
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Catering is a very fast paced affair!! Since I don't like anything prepared the night before or days ahead, I pile on the pressure on to myself by insisting on having everything as fresh as I can get. It is also very rewarding. Nice to sit down with a glass of wine when your feet ache and your brains have turned to mush!! IN UK not much of a profit margin (in my opinion) but still worth it as I do not like working for anybody else.:smoking:
What is patriotism but the love of the food one ate as a child? ~Lin Yutang
What is patriotism but the love of the food one ate as a child? ~Lin Yutang
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very nice website!
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Of course It is, its ChefTalk! You can ask us any question you may have, post any advice you may have, or even post a rant you may have about something. This is the first website I check before I go to work, when I get a break from work, and when I get home from work!
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I agree.

I decided to spend some time to improve my cooking skills. I was looking around the net for good books with recipes. I found this one. You can upload your own books here as well to help new cooks to get in this business faster :lips:

BooksRep.com - Public Internet Library (Free e-books) - - Food, Cooking

Have a nice day!
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