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Lasagna Quick Question

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Right so I have made some fresh pasta dough - 400g 00 flour, 4eggs and a touch of oil.

I have rolled them out so they are the perfect thickness for lasagna, but now did I need to pree cook them in boiling for 1/2 a minute/ a minute or not.

What would you guys advice?

Thanks for any help,

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I would cook them.
I'm not sure if your are doing this in a home kitchen or in a restaurant or what equipment you have, but if you can, cook them in a more wide pot rather than a more tall one.
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I generally don't pre cook home made pasta sheets for lasagne. It's one of the benefits of using fresh pasta in my opinion. However, if you do use it uncooked you should make your sauce a bit soupier than usual because the pasta will absorb a lot of it as it cooks in the oven and you could end up with a dry lasagne.

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My mother puts the home made past in hot boiling water for about 2 minutes. Actually she used to, same for my aunty in Italy. Now for time/space reasons we buy pre-cooked pasta (which I still boil for 2 minutes) Barilla or De Cecco and I use besciamelle sauce with a normal, rather thick density. By the way, I just finished some lasagne a few days ago. This time I frozed it and we will it in a few days.

Oh, what is written above is also true. Homemade fresh pasta cooks very rapidly and it should work the same way if you make the sauce a little more liquid without boiling the pasta. But I never tried this approach.


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I only use homemade pasta for lasagna. I shock the lasagne noodles after cooking them in salted water. As was pointed out, depending on thickness, they cook pretty fast.

I then dry them and put together the lasagna. The reason for this is that I want all ingredients to start out at the same temperature when beginning the baking process.

I tried once using the noodles still hot and found that while layering they were still cooking, and the end result was not what I wanted. It was kind of like a solid baked mass with the noodles kind of mushing together with everything else. I like the concept of "layers" in the end product.

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