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I just had to rewatch American Beauty
What a brilliant movie!
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The two latest movies I watched on Dvd were: I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (2007) awesome comedy :D

Then Superhero Movie, tottally nuts also, with: Christopher McDonald, Leslie Nielsen and Kevin Hart , great one also :D
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You definitely need to be in the mood for those last three. Yeah, the artsy stuff on the east side we don't get to too often. After fighting the traffic in the City most days, I rarely feel like heading back at night for a movie.

We went to The Calatrava, The Milwaukee Art Museum, on Saturday, and "watched" some unbelievable paintings and a very cool photography exhibit featuring European photography from 1919 to 1945. Very cool. It's the first time we have been to the Calatrava since it was built. Will be going on a more regular basis.

We've been watching "John Adams" on HBO. As kind of a history nut, and big fan of David McCullough's writing, this series has really hit the spot. It's produced by Tom Hanks' company Playtone, which also produced "Band of Brothers" and "From the Earth to the Moon".

Hanks understands the greatness that is the United States.

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We saw "Last House on the Left" in a movie theatre back in the early 1970's. It was, I understand, the first of a new "genre" of horror films. We were so scared after seeing it, we were really very hesitant to enter our darkened back door after the movie!

Want to see some gems?

1. The Wicker Man (unedited version)
2. Show Me Love (from Sweden)
3. Return of the Living Dead Part III
4. The Tin Drum

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Just watched "I am Legend"...forget about it! Omega Man with Charleton Heston is the same movie only 100 times better.

Watched "Ark of Truth". The scenery was fabulous, the storyline was great, everything and more than I hoped for. Can't wait for Continuum!

"The Hit Man" was pretty good. Kind of like a futuristic version of "Soldier" with Kurt Russel.

Bought "The Island". It has some pretty good action driving sequences and an interesting easily believeable future-not-so-far-away storyline.

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Last nite I watched American Pie Presents: Beta House, a good comedy
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Walk Hard

Saw "Walk Hard - (The Dewey Cox Story)" 6 times this weekend. Wasn't until I read the box that I realized there was "The outrageously self-indulgent unrated Director's Cut" under Special Features.

Wow! What a movie! The long version has a longer cameo (than the theatrical release) of the last original bluesman David "Honeyboy" Edwards playing some great acoustic blues. The movie is a parody of "Walk the Line", Jim Morrison, The Beatles, and a whole lot more. The lead character, Dewey Cox, is actually doing the singing and playing the guitar. And his "June Carter" duet partner Jenna Fischer is outstanding! She is also singing her part.

There are cameo appearances by Jewel, and a whole lot of other people I can't remember the names of.

And my home remodeling project still is sitting there making a parody of me! :)

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Just saw Harry potter.
Yesterday I saw Superman for the 5th time.
Sumptuous food is a romantic getaway!!!
Sumptuous food is a romantic getaway!!!
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I know this thread has been kinda dead for almost two weeks but I love these threads.

Just watched Walk Hard (awesome movie, hilarious), I Am Legend (sorry but if you name it after the book after the first 2 movies, Omega Man and The Last Man on Earth, then at least make it a little like the book), Sweeney Todd (over-rated even though both leads were excellent), and Alvin and the Chipmunks (22 years old and watched alvin and the chipmunks in my pajamas while drinking a beer...loved it).
"**** is finding myself left with only vegan food, light beer, and menthol cigarettes."
"**** is finding myself left with only vegan food, light beer, and menthol cigarettes."
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