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My chocolate cake fell

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What can I do about a chocolate cake that fell and cannot be served as is? I thought to turn it into an ice cream cake or cake with mousse layers. Any ideas how I can do that? Thanks

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A cake recipe from a book I have at home actually causes one to fall on purpose and than fills the center depression and covered the rest of the cake with ganache. Than coated the outside with slivered almonds. I changed it up a bit & placed a layer of puréed raspberry. I than filled the depression with a ganache mixed with chopped toasted hazelnuts. After that was set I covered the cake in a smooth ganache. It went over well.

I've done mousse cakes before where I lined a cake ring (you could use a tart ring or a spring form though one is very thin & the other a bit to thick) with an acrylic strip, than placed the cake in the bottom (needs to be a fairly thin cake, if not split it into two & make two). I made a standard mousse & filled it up to the top; a cake ring makes it very easy to get a smooth, even top. Put it into the freezer for about 4 hours until really firm. While it is firming up make a ganache up. Remove from the freezer & slip off the ring & remove the acrylic strip. Coat the top & side with the ganache & put into the fridge. Once set cut it up & allow pieces to come to room temp for about 15 min before serving. I cut it up before warming it up because this cake is very fragile.

Hope this helps,
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1. cube cake
2. soak in alcohol [juice]
3. toss with pouring/stirring/thin custard [zuppa inglesia]
4. add canned drained fruits or fresh fruits
5. present in glasses, bowls etc

decorate with
1. jello, whipped cream, pudding
2. add choc chips [any chips], grated chocolate, shaved chocolate
3. crushed candy eg brittles, pralines,
4. crushed nuts,
5. glacee or crystalized fruits, rinds

Just a thought, take a straight sided drinking glass and punch out the centre [instant "bundt" or ring cake] Cover with ganache and fill centre with fruits and nuts ..

As my chocoholic says - NEVER toss chocolate cake
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dilapedateed chocolate cake

Thanks so much, but I already took care of it. I pressed pieces of the cake into a spring form pan, made a mouse, (added some gelatin) put more cake on top, another layer of mousse and froze it until I need it. Hope it comes out. Your recipie sounded delicous, but alas it was too late. I'll keep it in mind for another time. Thanks for replying.
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Make Rum balls out of it
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