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Prickly Pears

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Okay, so my cranberry ordeal started when I found a recipe for a cranberry-prickly pear tart that sounded neat. The recipe-writer said to replace the prickly pears with raspberries if I couldn't find any prickly pears. I set off to get prickly pears which I felt should be readily available at the little grocer in the rather Mexican part of town. They were. I bought a bunch of prickly pears and then the cranberry thing started.

Anyway, last night, I prepared the prickly pear purée for the tart. I love the color! Now I want to do more prickly pear recipes that show off that color. Anybody have any ideas?
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I dont have any recipes off hand, but I have found, that prickly pairs are great when mixed with raisins, espicially golden ones...
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I remember reading some time ago about a chef who used prickly-pear puree as the basis for sorbets and cocktails.

BTW: they are a seasonal product, so get them while you can. And the prickly pear fruit is also referred to as tuna so you might ask for it by that name.
"Notorious stickler" -- The New York Times, January 4, 2004
"Notorious stickler" -- The New York Times, January 4, 2004
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Prickley pear margaritas are good.

I've made prickley pear creme brulee.

And prickely pear mole, which tasted more like a bbq sauce because I used a shiraz in it too.
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PS. There are tuna rojas and tuna verdes, make sure you get the tuna rojas and there is also a smaller on that looks like the tuna roja that I bought by mistake and its whitish inside and really sour, big mistake, BIG mistake.
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That white-inside one goes by a name that begins with X here. Long Aztec name that I can't remember. No worries, I know my prickly pears and I like that sour X thing too just in case I tgo wrong. ;)
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Yeah, its like Xonoconsante or something.
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