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Pastry competitions

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Hi, I'm a new member here!

I recently finished my culinary school and am now working at a hotel in Las Vegas as a helper in the kitchen for Pastry Shop.

Pastry is my passion!

I'm also interested in entering in some competitions just to see what it would be like. And if I like it, maybe even continue to compete. Problem is that I can't find any sources that tells me where and when the competitions are. Can anyone help me with this? The competitions don't have to be in vegas but near vegas would be a plus. or if anyone could just guide me to a direction where I could find more info. would be great. Thanks!
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Hello and Welcome t the forum..

They have an expo in Vegas this coming week.. so you don't have far to travel.. Google this for more info:

American Bakery Expo
September 9-11, 2007
Las Vegas

Meet Modern Baking’s 2007 Retail Bakery of the Year
• This full-line retail bakery employs the only two Certified Master Bakers in its state, as well as four American certified cake decorators.
• This bakery earns 42 percent of its $1.4 million in sales from its cakes alone.
• This bakery was founded in 1977.
• The owner of this bakery is a past president of RBA.

Representatives of RBA affiliates from across the country will vie for the Pillsbury Grand Champion Trophy and more than $5,000 in prizes during the RBA’s 7th Annual Creative Decorating Competition. The six competitive Categories are:
• Wedding Cake
• Custom Cake Design
• Sculpted Cake
• Rolled Fondant
• Flowers & Sprays with Borders
• Creative Decorating Freestyle

Don't forget to feed the pig...


Don't forget to feed the pig...

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