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My 2 weeks in 2 months...

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I've been thinking about this for a while, I knew this was coming.

The cafeteria I'm working for is under a new director, he came onboard a little over 2 months ago in a very hush hush way but during the summer, he started this whole remodeling stint. He introduced 4 new concepts, bought out another business and took it over, and changed several existing stations totally upside down. All these new "brite" ideas has nearly doubled the workload and has caused total chaos, more then usual, in this place. The new concepts need tons of products new to our order forms, coupled with the new turnkey op doubles our inventory load which is already spent on space.
We've only got 3 new hired help to replace 4 lost (well, technically 6 if you include those lost a while ago but never to replaced at all) and only 1 is working out well. One of the newbies was put in our new remade pizza station which use to do 20" pizzas cut into 6 slices. Now, its all personal sizes with their own individual boxes. This station was manageable solo but now needs at least 3 people, 4 because the newbie is super slow.
The list of everything thats gone wrong with this place goes on for a very long page so I'll skip it, this place is obviously going to the shits. A few others are on the virge of ditching this place, we're not dogs tied to a leash or robots running on uber energizer batteries. My nose has bled since opening, all 3 days of operations, because I'm at 50 places at once and its still not enough to keep the place afloat. I'm thinking that if the situation hasn't changed within the next month, I'm going to start looking for a new job and a couple weeks later, I'll give them my 2 week notice. All this isn't worth a meager $11/hour (roughly $850 on a 2 week paycheck) with a "possibility" of a raise in January after a performance review. I'm also making stupid mistakes I shouldn't be doing, I've never cut myself with my knives ever but with my nerves shot to **** because I'm doing 150% at 12hour straight, my hands don't stop shaking. I doubt I'll move any further in this company, its been 3 years now of lots of broken and/or empty promises.
Chef is trying to persuade me not to leave using the whole "theres lots we can teach each other" speech. I hold no loyalty to Compass Group, not any more if I'm going to get spit on like this continuously. Sure its only been a few day into full operation and theres lots of new faces around so theres potential for things to get better. I'd just rather not be there if and/or when things to South and having to deal with it all for the rest of the school year.
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Man, I am sorry to hear that, especially after all the work you put in on the asian station. I'm a Compass-Group refugee too, so I share your feelings about them.

The one good thing, is that the cafeteria won't close. Compass might lose the contract, but your job may still be safe.

All of the options are not exactly pleasent:

-You could stop carrrying more then your fair share, and hope the slackers will pick up the slack. You should also stop working hours for which you are not getting paid.

-You could leave. I presume Canadian employment is at-will.

-You could have a Come to Buddah meeting with the managment. Many times they won't give you anything if you don't ask.

I would try leverage the situation to get more pay and/or better title commensurite with all the work you've been doing. Then work with them to get everything back on track. These shake out periods are rough, but not always permenet.

What's the worse they could do if you ask? Terminate you? They'd be doing you a favor.

Whatever you decide to do, stop taking all this crap home with you. It's tough to do since you obviously care alot about the craft, but you don't get payed enough for that. The stress is gong to kill you, so unless you can alleviate it, you might want to leave.

For added fun, if you have any paid time off banked, put in for a couple days off. Think about the scramble when you're not there and have a chuckle.
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