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risoto question

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Hi, I need help with the cooking time for a risoto.It is 25 minurtes for a cup of rice. What if it is increased to 4 cups. The amount of liquid each time will be two cups and it will take longer to consume.
Please help.
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I know of no one who makes risoto by time. It always seems to be done by watching the pot and determining when the dish is ready by texture.

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There is no set time. You need to add the liquid a little at a time and stir gently.

Have more liquid ready. :) It's a labor of love.
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Thanks very much

Thanks very much, I will try.
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It depends on the age of the rice, the altitude, how hot the burner is,
and the temperature of the stock or liquid you are using. A rough estimate
would be 18 to 20 minutes from start to finish....keep your stock simmering
on another burner, it will speed things up.....The amount of rice won't matter as long as you have the firepower..good luck
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