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Increasing Pizza Dough

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Have just started to make homemade pizza. Does anyone have a recipe for dough that makes several at once?

My recipe only allows me to make 3 to 4 at a time.

Or maybe you could suggest a way for me to increase my original recipe.

Many thanks

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Hi Fay,

Im no expert on pizza doughs but i did a quick rotation on google and I found the following:

If you wish to make more than 3-4 pizzas at a time, you can simply multiply the mixture by 2, 3 or 4 to make more. However, if you follow a specialty recipe, it is best to mix it all together in one go and seperate them out to rise.

So if you wish to make 6-8 pizzas instead of 3-4, just multiply all your ingredients by 2. However, before allowing it to rise, divide the mixture in half and let them rise in seperate bowls, and follow the recipe from there. Allowing the dough to rise activates the yeast in the dough, and if the dough is in huge clumps then it will need way longer than it would normally. So just double or triple the mix to make the dough, and seperate them out into the usual quanities to rise.

From there, just create the pizzas from the dough like you usually would. Another great tip is to take the necessary amount of dough from the bowl, rub a VERY LIGHT COATING of oil on the top of the dough left in the bowl and cover it again with cling film. This stops the dough from drying out at all during stages where you roll out the dough, and a little olive oil never hurt anyone ;) haha.

Oh, one last tip. For nice pizza dough, fermentation is advised. It is optimal to let your dough ferment in the fridge for NO MORE THAN 18 HOURS. Also, if you are experimenting with adding additional ingredients into your dough, remember that garlic and onion slow down the fermentation process and 18 hours will not be enough.

I hope this helps you out!
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