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Storing Mushrooms

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Cover mushrooms with a damp cloth or in a paper bag with holes poked in the cloth/bag for ventilation. This will keep them dry. Refrigerate for long life.
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Thanks for the fabulous mushroom tips, shagufta!

Some other hints I've picked up along the way:

- Store mushrooms in your refridgerator's crisper, this allows for air circulation
- Keep them partially covered, but dont cut them off from air supply, they need circulation!
- Use paper bags with noticably pourus surfaces, or poker holes in them as suggested above
- Always use fresh mushrooms within 3 days, or dry them!
- Store dried mushrooms in an air-tight container, air circulation is bad for them, as opposed to fresh mushrooms
- Soak dried mushrooms in water or stock. This liquid is especially delicious and is wonderful in many foods

Hope this helps those aspiring mushroom eaters out there!
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