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Can anyone help me???

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I am a novice cake baker/decorator and I feel I have a real knack for it. I have made several fondant cakes for friends and family that have turned out to be a success. I feel I have found what I would like to do as a profession. I truely enjoy it. I have been doing my research on different schools because one day I would like to open my own cake business. I'm so confused :confused:and I was hoping someone could give me some guidance. I'm contemplating whether to get my Bachelor Degree in Culinary Management, Asscociate Degree in Culinary Arts or just get a diploma in pastry and baking. I really want to get my Bachelor degree, but it primarily focuses on culinary arts, not pastry and baking. Does anyone think that it'll be a waste of time and money because that's not where I see my future? Or will it be something that'll help get me closer to my dream of opening my own cake business?

I really appreciate any advice you can share...thx a bunch.
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I'm not the one to be giving you advice on this, but just a tip on posting so that you get the answers you're looking for.

When you make your post, try to give it a title that tips off the forum members to what's going to be the gist of your question. That way it might catch the eye of the right person, who will hopefully click on it and try to give you an answer.

If you just write, "Can anyone help me?" it doesn't really tip someone off to anything, and they might just pass it up. You don't want to look helpless either I'm sure.

Also, what about posing your question in the Professional or Culinary sections?
Readers over there might have the experience to answer your question.

My two bits,

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