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Turning Point

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I'm sure you've all worked for chefs who are harda**es. It can be especially difficult for inexperienced newbies.

When was your turning point? Did you have to do something that really impressed the heck out of the chef? Or did you just keep you head down, did your work fast, avoid mistakes, and over time, get accepted in?
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I started off in a TGIFriday's that does 6.5 mil/year in revenue.

It was either sink or swim, if you could keep your station on lockdown, you got respect from the managers and staff. I pretty much kept that approach ever since I left, keep the station on lock, keep food flowing fast and consistently, and people respect you.
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Worked for one, never got along for almost a year, then he went on a skiing trip and dam88 near killed himself. You remember those old Beetle Baily cartoons with Beetle all messed up in a hospital bed?

Had to assume his (Chef's) duties for 4 mths, owner never compensated me, think I had 3 days off the whole time. In the end the Chef never pulled through, I left after the funeral.

...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
...."This whole reality thing is really not what I expected it would be"......
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Your latter speculation is true. Keep your head down, keep yourself organized, and try to be helpful without being a pushover. Also, remember you have as much right to be there as them, and nobody is good enough to be genuinely abusive to you- that is, to harass you when you haven't done anything wrong or to make it personal. They were all new once.
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