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To add to your comments...

50 years ago, the trend towards feed lots began. Disease spreads amongst animals quickly on a feed lot. Drugs and such measures have been taken to reduce disease, but high density still creates problems.

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"Drugs and such" create their own set of problems.

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That's why I picked the word "drugs". The choice was intentional because the word carries a connotation of something bad. I almost used "antibiotics", but that word did not carry the same weight.
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I really appreciate the debate surrounding this topic- it reaffirms my belief that chefs and cooks are much more than just culinary artists-we pioneer what sustains the entire human race.
I'm pleased to read the numerous comments regarding sustainable agrictulture. I firmly believe that (somehwat ironically) organics and sustainables are a top-down industry. Lots of people in North America especially are not educated at all as to what's going in their bodies, and the ramifications they have on the earth.
I again ask if anyone knows of restaurants/inns/etc worldwide that use a heavy concentration of game meat, or hunt themselves for the restaurant. I know there are some laws that prevent serving hunted meats in restaurants, I'm just wondering if any other countries have different standards.

Also, I'd really like to hear from some more international members regarding their philosophies.

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you can get your meat from a family farm that is "animal welfare approved"


backed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Willie Nelson, etc.

dedicated also to preserving small family farms not factory farms, where owners work with the animals in an appropriate animal husbandry way.

I think the efforts of tracking down quality from local farms really pays off.
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Of course not - humans aren't the only omnivores/carnivores - it's survival of the fittest/smartest ..... and I leave religious beliefs out of the equation, as mine aren't quite mainstream ;) Humans don't eat meat because "God" provided it for us, we eat it because we're omivores - we know how to "harvest" and enjoy it. We're animals at heart, we just happen to have opposable thumbs, written language, and tool making ability - long live Homo Sapiens (although the future may bring along Homo Superior to take our place ....ya never know ;) :cool:
Bakers - we make a lot of dough, but not so much money
Bakers - we make a lot of dough, but not so much money
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[(although the future may bring along Homo Superior to take our place ....ya never know ;) :cool:[/quote]

please please please let that be the case, 'cause were just screwing everything up.
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