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I am taking spaghetti and meatballs to work for a luncheon but we have no cooking facilities there and cannot use any kind of sterno or open fire for heating. Can I cook the pasta at home and keep it warm in a crockpot? Should I keep the sauce, meatballs and italian sausage in one crockpot and the pasta in another? If that would work should I use olive oil on the pasta to keep it from sticking?
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Keep the sauce warm in the crock , cook the pasta before hand toss it in olive oil and baggie it,keep in fridge till sevice.
Take a large stainless steel bowl, strainer and kettle. Boil water right before service pour over the pasta in the stainless steel bowl to reheat the pasta, strain, place back in the bowl and place beside crock.
Thats what I would do, best of luck:smiles:

Blessings, Enchantress
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Do they have a microwave?If they have a microwave, maybe you could boil water that way to heat the pasta.
If they have no cooking facilities, I don't see how you can boil water otherwise . . . I guess I would put it all together in the crockpot and keep it all warm together that way.
Since we like our pasta in the the sauce, I would probably cook the pasta that morning and combine it with the warm sauce in the crockpot before I left. Cover the top tightly with foil for travel.
Good luck.
más vale tarde que nunca
más vale tarde que nunca
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Put the pasta in bags and reheat in a microwave. Keep the sauce in a crock pot.

If you don't have a microwave, keep the sauce in a microwave, toss the pasta in with the sauce 45 minutes before lunch. Make sure your crock pot is big enough.
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Shouldn't reheat with plastic in the microwave, when the plastic heats up it gives off toxins.
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Just use microwaveable plastic bags. The toxins thing is a myth. Just don't melt it.
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:suprise: ah, thank you Kuan.

I don't use a microwave often, just to reheat my coffee and that's about it.
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