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It's pie time

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With the fall fruits coming in & the holidays around the corner my baking season has just started. Just got the first batch of Cortland apples in so I just had to start making pies.

I was wondering what makes our guys/gals pies over the top?

For me it's the Cortland apples, which taste like Mac's but hold up under heat, and a dash of Calvados while boiling down the juices.

Now if it would only drop below 90F/32C here!!

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Everyone has their favorite apple,mine is Grimes Golden.Some pan fry the apples first, me I like them fresh sliced.
Althhough great crust is as important as the apples my secret to better pie is spices.During the season,I change my spices to fresh ones.Pie spices get a little musty if on the shelf to long.I was tought to change them after 6 months.
I also like to use 3 tbl. instant tapioca per any fruit pie instead of flour,agar-agar or cornstarch.
Enjoy those apples,if we get any in my area I'll give them a try.....Good Cookin....Cookie
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Apple pie...

Myself I think the pastry has to be top quality, then I use all kinds of apple for apple pie, Cortland, mac's, astrakhans, which ever is available when I need them,,,,,
I always part cook my peeled, cored and sliced apples, that way I can adjust the sugar as required, I hardly ever add any spices to my pies as I want the flavour of the apple not the spice, this applies to all my baking, like pear and lemon, blueberry and lime etc. I use a small amount of modified corn starch to thicken the juices.

I find that most Canadians and Americans do put spice in, and when talking to friends about pie they always ask what kind of spice do you use.
I do use spice in mince pie's, and a little freshly grated nutmeg over custard tart.
I always use sweet pastry for fruit pies.. qahtan
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