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going to school, need knives

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just wondering if the culinary schools have knive plans that you can buy or can you or have to buy knives from somewhere else.

Also what are the knives ill need, price, dealers, exc. thanks.
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Where are you going to school? Call your admissions rep and ask if they provide the knives. I know some schools include a full knife kit and all the books and tools you will need for the course.

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the school i went to supplied knives that you bought with a package of chef coats,pants, aprons books, ect. they werent the greatest but they were fine for school. During my last 2 semesters i looked around on ebay and i got 2 wusthof knives both about 30 dollars under what they sell for. Theres lots of stores online that sell knives if you want your own, just look around a little and youll find some.
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The choice of 'shops' I buy my knives are from, for where I am are:

1st- A commercial equipment supplier where I get an additional 10% off on already very cheap wholesale (trade) prices.
(For example my F Dick Combi Steel I paid AUD$192 after discount from a 'trade-retail' shop which I had to order in and wait two months for, later I found it there on display and in stock for AUD$165 before discount at the commercial equipment supplier.:crazy::crazy:)

If you can ask the chefs at your school, they'll point out where locally and easily to get knives, uniforms and other equipment at proper trade prices.

My school had a tool kit available at a decent price, has everything needed for the course, eventhough I already had a neat collection of knives I got it anyway because the little-bitty items (eg. whisks, cookie cutters, dough scrapers,...) was too much a waste of time and money to running around for the best prices in retail shops and in correct spec.
As you cook more and go through the variety of cooking and service methods, you'll find other tools better suited to your style and you upgrade and acquire as you go.

Uniforms- Our chef pointed out to us where to get uniforms that are more or less half price the nearest competitor, for example if I'm getting 5 jackets I could easily save at least AUD$80.

2nd- For Japanese knives, Japanese Chef's Knife. Great product range, tasty prices, US$7 flat rate EMS shipping per order, helpful staff.

3rd- eBay, hunting needed. Very much a game of luck, even if you have the time to bid.

4th- Retail outlets- some offer better prices than other retail outlets on certain items, but since you are paying them for them to have that $$$ convienent retail space. Unnecessary $$$ passed on to you to pay for.
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