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what to make with crabcakes

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this week im having friends over and im making crabcakes. just wondering what you would suggest to go with them.
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Homemade coleslaw, grilled veggies...light sorbet for dessert.
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mmmmm crab

i would roast some veggies too. mybe some roots bttrnt, turnip with a little cream and bttr pulsed then finish with a ginger mango salsa perhaps fry a risotto dill ball to roll around on the plate
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what to cook

I agree with the coleslaw.. and grilled corn with an herbed butter would be good.




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I usually serve hash browns, and a salsa made of mango, pineapple, green onions, jalapeno, & cilantro.
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How about rice with toasted coconut and macadamias or almonds? My friends have a restaurant and serve this rice (or waffle fries) along with a teriyaki slaw. They drizzle a cilentro-lime mayo over the patties, too. :lips:
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Beer? :smoking: :smoking:
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I once menued them with a side of field greens and spicy pickled greenbeans tossed with a house made Cajun/Creole vinaigrette. Sold the heck outta them.

I like Kuan's choice of beer too.:D:beer:
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Crab cakes

Forked avacado, pickled papaya, carmalised onions, cilantro pesto and some sunflower sprouts
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Hahahahaha! I'm afraid I'd have to go with Kuan also! :D Most excellent!


I would do a Remolaude Sauce on the side and too bad it's past green tomato season. I made them this summer at KYHeirloomer's suggestion with fried green tomatoes. Oh so excellent.

I also make a shrimp coleslaw (not sweet). And that is a Galveston type of tradition. I like the idea of doing a composed salad with a lemon vinaigrette with the field greens, blanched green beans, maybe even potatoes. Like a nicoise salad and then making the crab cakes the centerpiece.

But with extra large lump blue crab being about $27.00/lb or more down here, I generally only make them a starter course not the main course. I only use fresh extra large lump and mine are mostly crab with a little binder and tablespoon here or there with a bit of veg...
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I like it with a fennel/orange salad and a citrus aioli.

I also have a weakness for crabcake sandwiches. So long as the cakes are on toasted brioche buns with lots of remoulade!
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a salad with a vinegrete! keep it light

for desert something with lemon :-)
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I ordered crab cakes at a restaurant recently and they came with a Wassabi mustard that was to die for. Served with grilled veggies and/or light spring green salad with a vinaigrette. And beer is always good.
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I love crab cakes!!! I'm the only one in this family who eats them , which is fine because all the more for me :-)
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