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Latex Gloves

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I’m using some latex powder-free gloves for handling meat. I got the idea from good eats (it keeps me from having to wash my hands so much… I just change gloves) but, I was a little worried about something that happened and was wandering if someone could help.

I was making tortillas and the gloves seemed to affect the oil or maybe the flour. I ended up with a lump of flour too hard to work with. I ended up throwing that batch away.

What do you guys think happened with the tortillas?

Do you think these gloves I got are safe to work with meat?

I wish I could give you a link for the gloves but, I can’t find one so I’ll type up all the info I know on them.

Medline Latex Gloves

They are for first aid, health care, baby care and diabetic care. They are latex, powder-free, medical exam quality, disposable gloves.

Another interesting fact is…

“These latex gloves contain 50 micrograms or less of total water extractible protein per gram of glove.”

I wander if the protein in the gloves had some kind of weird affect on the oil and flour?…
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I would not use medical grade gloves for foodservice. Check out the foodservice grade gloves here:

Glove Nation - Food Service

There are many different types and they will send you samples.

Rather than using latex you should try different types of vinyl or powder-free synthetic gloves. We use the 899 Vinyl Powder-free gloves for most food preparation and serving.

We buy all of our gloves for our restaurants from Glove Nation - Home
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Thanks! :)
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