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Chestnut recipes

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Now that the rains and winds have arrived, I got my first batch of chestnuts from my neighborhood tree (I'm usually the only one who collects them!!!). I think I'll start with some japanese chestnut rice, a simple but tasty way to start the chestnut season. I'll eventually peel and freeze some for cream of chestnut soup. I found a sweetened chestnut paste recipe here, I might try it with crepes instead of the canned stuff.

Anyone have some favorite chestnut recipes?
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Braised red cabbage using apple cider, vinegar, apple juice, a little brown sugar, and chestnuts! And butter of course!

Absolutely delicious.

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That sounds great! Thanks.
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Chestnut recipes

Honey roasted butternut squash,carmalized onions,roasted garlic,chestnuts and fresh herbs...use it as a stuffing or an side for braised meats
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