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Help Watery Frosting!?

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Ahhh Okay so I entered a baking competition ( I love love love to bake and cook but im still a beginner)

I decided to make this Tiramisu Layer Cake Tiramisu Layer Cake - Allrecipes

I made it and everything turned out WONDERFUL except the frosting.. its too liquidy.. i let it sit in the fridge for a while and still nothing... i poured a litlee bit over the cake and it ended up just spilling over the sides.. im not sure what to do i want it to look like the cake in picture.. any suggestions please? New recipe maybe if any one has one? Thanks in advance!
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First, do you know how to whip cream?

What you're doing is called a chantilly cream. There are some technique principles you should follow in order to make it come out like it should. Keep the cream cold, chill your whisk and bowl before whipping. If you want to try again, try using powdered sugar, and dissolve one packet of gelatin and stream it in at the end. That will stabilize the cream.
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Stabilizing Whipped Cream

The most common way is to use gelatin. For each cup of cream (1/2 pint) to be whipped, you will need 1 t. gelatin and *2 T. of cold water. Add the gelatin to the water in a small, heavy-bottomed saucepan and stir over low heat 'til melted. Allow to cool, then begin whipping cream. As soon as cream barely mounds, begin pouring melted, cooled gelatin in a slow, steady stream into the cream, with beaters still running. Continue to beat the cream 'til it is stiff enough to use as frosting or for piping through a pastry tube. Put cake in a cool place. Serve chilled.

* In your recipe, I would use the coffee liqeuer to dissolve the gelatin...but rather than water mentioned above. I have been using this formula, with good results for a long time. One whole evelope of gelatin sounds like a lot for just 2 cups of cream.:)
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