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Big Time Celebrity Chefs

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I've sometimes wondered how these chefs and restarateurs (Lagasse, Flay, Puck, and others) stay in touch with their restaurants and staff if they're spending so much time filming TV shows, making commercials, acting as spokespeople for various corporations, doing endorsements, and making personal appearances for book signings and their corporate sponsors. It's also pause for thought as to how corporate tie-ins affect their choice of food, menu items, and the operation of their restaurants.

Any comments on this?

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No, not really.
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I'm sure there are many that do not.... they lend their name and maybe have some design and menu input, but it is left to the managers to run the business. Their plates are already quite full (pardon the pun) already
Bon Vive' !
Bon Vive' !
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I work for one of them and he is involved as you can expect. The Chef De Cuisine and sous chefs handle pretty much everything, with some lent to the corporate chef. Menu planning is based on daily inventory and market availability. The key is choosing Chef De Cuisines that have either worked for you for a while and know what you like, or have the same type of ideas/likenesses as you.
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