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Need 2 new pans.. what type?

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I am a student tired of eating teflon. I would like to purchase two top of the line pans, used or new. 1 9-10 inch ish and 1 10-11 inch ish Both with lids. Stainless Steel only.

I dont care too much about the price (as long as its not like 200 a pan...)

What brands/models should i look for?

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Are we talking about saute/frying pans here? At that size I would assume so.

In any case, if price isn't a serious object you can't go wrong with All Clad. However, you may have trouble finding All Clad sold as open stock (one piece at a time); they are usually sold in sets. There are other good brands of SS cookware like Cuisinart, Calphalon, etc. and a few others a bit further down the scale.

As a general rule avoid cookware with thin sides, even if they may have a thick bottom.

Some here will advise shopping on line and that's fine if that's your thing. I do very little shopping on line.

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I've been very happy with my All-Clad saute pans and skillets. They're all about 25 to 30 years old and have given me wonderul service. Some of the Calphalon pans seem to be of good quality as well, just be sure to get the tri-ply or contemporary models. I understand that Macy's has a 3.5 quart all-clad saute for $99.0 - you might want to look at that as an option.

While I'm not averse to the stainless all-clad, the MC2 line may be a better deal, and may even cook better as well. The aluminum on the MC2 line is thicker than that of the stainless line, and prices may be lower - although not always.

As with everything else, shop carefully.

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I personally try to avoid aluminum pans as they have been linked to Alzheimers. Just my opinion though....
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Find a 10-12 inch cast iron skillet.

They're fantastic. I use mine almost daily. And if I didn't use it in a particular day I didn't eat at home.

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I totally agree with jdh. Even though you said "Stainless Steel Only" odi3, consider cast iron, especially if you're replacing your non-stick.

To me the closest you can get to that is a well seasoned cast iron.
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HI odi3, I hope you don't mind me highjacking your thread for a second. I can't post new thread yet.

Hi guys, I am new here. I would like to ask a few questions:

1. Why on every cooking show on tv they always use a cooking hardware that does NOT have any non-stick material such as teflon, etc?

2. What is the disadvantage of a non-stick cooking ?

3. This might sound stupid, but will a high end non-coated pan prevent sticking from let's say fried egg?

Thanks in advance.

The main thing is that I am trying to get a frying/sauteed all in one pan for normal home cook meal. I am a student and I usually cook 1 dish only so I just need an all in one pan if there's any.
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