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How's My Dish Look?

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Personally, I dont care for the floral pattern on the dish at all.

The food on the dish looks great though. What is it?
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it looks like frog legs in a creamy sauce
hope you put lots of garlic in it.
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You took the pic upside down. but its the same from both angles so its ok.

im not digging hte china either lol.

What kidna dish is it. IT looks like some frog legs in a very rich cream sauce.

looks tasting but how does it smell
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Hows my plate look

The dinner plate has to go, the food should be in a bowl,its too saucy and there needs to be more contrast with the food its all the same colour.
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I think it's classic. But nowadays I can't stomach that much gravy. ;)

Oh wait, did I just say gravy? Heh. :D
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Agreed with it looking a tad saucy, perhaps you could place the frogs legs in a more symmetrical order?

IMO, i like the china actually, im kinda getting bored with all this white plate minimal stuff, i wouldn't mind my plates to look nice, i mean of course it has to go with the food, but still.
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