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Ideas for incredible cookies?

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Hi everyone!

I'm treasurer of the World Affairs Council at my school, and as a fundraiser we're trying to create some sort of cookie that we can sell. I was thinking of putting a peace sign or something on them.

So, I had two questions for you all-

Do you have a suggestion for a particularly delicious cookie that people would buy? If so, how would you suggest putting a peace sign on it?

I tried a sugar cookie with a chocolate peace sign, but it wasn't very good. Help me please!

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I mentioned in another thread the petits fours, which are actually bar cookies. Have a look at the recipe I found (I don't know if it works, but someone here helped me with the name of the cookie):


Venetian Christmas Bars | DianasDesserts.com
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See if you can get your hands on a peace sign cookie cutter.

What you do is make two cookie. One plain circle and the other with a peace sign cut out of it. After these are baked, you sandwich them together with jam. The peace sign will show up as with the jam in the cutouts. If you've seen a linzer cookie, you'll know what I mean.

You can also go with the decorated with icing approach.

You should also consider using Fair Trade ingredients as much as possible. It's a pretty good marketing point.

You might also want to add biscotti to your line up, since they store really well. There also good to dip into the fancy fair trade coffee from a local roaster that you could also sell.

Having worked at a bake sale or two, pre-sales are a must.

Any particular country that your group is featuring at the moment?
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hows this

just an idea not a recipe although i could put one together but make chocolate icebox cookie dough and add chopped dried cherries, chopped pistachios, and a touch of orange zest. after u bake them u can draw a white chocolate peace sign atop?
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good idea for peace symbol, even something like a linzer and 12XXX the top.
I am in need of something other than the peace sign,May I steal that please?
I ask because it may get some exposure, I'll give you credit.
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That's a great idea tincook. if I did a shortbread circle, then a layer of jam, then the peace sign, would the jam stay on the cookie or would it drip?

Our group isn't really representing a country; we exist to try to educate students about the the world and world affairs. Next week we're having George Mitchell come to speak, so that's the kind of thing we do.

Thanks for all the ideas!
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