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Strange Fruits

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I see them all the time at the supermarket and don't know much about them though. Pretty sure they are around all year. Have to buy one to taste.

Keeping in the spirit of the thread subject, how about Korean pears. I believe they are in season now, judging from supermarket sales lately. More Korean pear info.

These things are soo juicy. The skin is kind of papery, but it is like biting into a pear, but with the juiciness of a watermelon.
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We bought a kiwano as part of a party centerpiece, then realized it was edible a few days later. But upon cutting it open we had no idea what we were supposed to eat! :rolleyes:
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I've seen those recently. I also saw the red ones on the right, beside them in the pic. They were labeled as Dragon Fruit and I had no idea what to do with either of them.
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I am fearless when it comes to new fruit!! have not seen those, loved langosteen in Thailand and so many in China I can't remember the names.
Had Dragonfruit in Vietnam and was so happy to see it again in Singapore a few years ago. It is almost as much a texture thing as it is a favor--very refreshing.
Am smitten with the HaggenDaz acai sorbet!!!
Thanks Shel, as I sit here drooling on my keyboard with a freakin apple and one orange in my fruit bowl. But got my sorbet, yippee.
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Hey, apples and oranges may not be the most exotic, but I defy you to produce something more satisfying on a cool fall day than a crisp crunch into an apple.

Well, okay, maybe cider (recipe4living.com/Common/Article.aspx?id=57480).
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Grapefruit comes quickly to mind. Asian pears. Pomelo Various melons. A good, cold, juicy pineapple.

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