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let me add, sorry, i forgot to also say- i keep them in there sheaths when not used, never place them with other knives so there not in general use
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 But I recently wandered into a Harbor Freight store and saw a 6" blade for $13.00 http://www.harborfreight.com/6-inch-ceramic-chefs-knife-98186.html I bought one and gave it a decent trial. Very nice! 


We started with 1, and now own 3 of these Harbor Freight knives.  The best bang for the buck.  I am completely happy.  These cheap knives do more work than a lot of other knives out there.  Decent grip.  Very light.  Cuts trough almost everything except bone, tin cans, and an old boot (save that for the As Seen On TV Ginsu).

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