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I Need Help

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I come from a family with a long line of bakers. It goes back over a hundred years. Unfotunatly the last great baker has died already and i never got a chance to learn. The recipes are now mine but with no experience in the pastry industry. I own and operate my own pizzeria with the same name as one of the former bakeries of the family. People walk in everday asking for our specialties even 30 years later. Ill cut to the chase. I am trying to establish myself slowly with a brownie pizza starting with the old recipe but i caught a snag when the recipe calls for fudge base.....what is this??

Thank you for your time
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fudge base

its a cheap wholesale product used in making fudge icings and the such. in the bakery i used it, it was actually called fudge base. its available all over the web it seems. it also seems u can buy more quality choclate ones if that interests you. what do u use it for? is it part of the icing? or an ingredient in the brownies?
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