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Hello everone. My name is Rudy or I go by my Madden 08 name. "The Red Sun", or "Sun" or "Red "is just fine too. Im a 34 yr old Kitchen Manager at a local Resaurant here in my town,"Rustlers Steak house and Saloon". Porterville Ca, we are inbetween Fresno and Bakersfield Ca. if thats help any. Ive been in the food service industry for over half my life starting at the age of 16,Wendys. yes Wendys, We all start some where right? lol. Ive been a Cook,Lead Line Cook,Kitchen Supervisor,FOH Manager, and now Kitchen Manager. Ive had no formal training or schooling other then training for FOH Manager. All Ive learned and Know is what Ive been taught or learned by watching others do. I have very limited knowlage of recipes,I know some but not a whole lot. Im glad I found this place as Id like some input or advice on recipes and maybe plate presentation and creating specials. Like I said what I have is all Ive learned over the years and need some help and ideas and would appreciate any and all help/advice. Ill take some pics of some of the food I serve and maybe you guys can critic my plate presentation and so forth. we sevre the basic for a steak house and some consider us Fine Dinning as far as Prices go(average Steak is about $20.00). we have Ribeyes,Tops,NY,Filet,T-Bone, and Porterhouse. seafood wise we have Lobster,Halibut,Salmon,and 16/20 Skeewers Shrimp,Salads and so forth.Well enough of my rant hope to get to know some of you over time and WTF took me so long to finally look for something like this.LOL. Thanks Red Sun