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Mole question

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To my knowledge, I've never had mole. Last week, I saw some on clearance at the grocery store and decided to buy a jar and try it. Yesterday, I was cooking a pork roast and thought I'd put that over the top of it and serve with Spanish rice with tomatoes and corn. Well, first off, I had the most awful time getting the lid off. It would turn but wouldn't come off like a normal jar lid, trying to pop it like a bottle cap with the opener only made holes in it, and finally resorting to using the bottle opener to pry it off resulted in me getting that oily substance all over my hands, shirt, and and countertop. What's the trick to opening it? lol

Finally, I get it open and then I try to spoon some out. This stuff was as hard as Georgia red clay! I actually broke the jar just trying to get a bit out of it! Was this stuff too old to use? Am I missing something?

I did get a little out and put it into warmed chicken broth to melt and make a the directions on the jar said. It never melted and was just a clumpy mess that when cooled turned into a huge lump of grease. It didn't look very healthy to me so I tossed it all!

Am I missing something here?
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LOl I feel your pain

Your experience with mole is pretty much right on with mine.. I actually love the stuff ( yes, the lid is challenging and yes, its like an old brownie stuffed in a jar) However, I find that it is worth the effort. There are some brands that have a regular lid but I cant always find them.. That difficult one is always there waiting. LOl

I love to add mole to tacos and fajitas.. If you are up to it.. Try it again..and know you are not alone! :p




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Allie, at first I thought you had a pest problem in your back yard. :lol: But now I know you meant the flavorful paste used in Mexican cookery.

I would bet the stuff was in the clearance bin because it was old. I'm glad you tossed it. Mole can be softer, something between pesto and peanut butter, I think. Remember- mole can be made in numerous variations. This site looked pretty interesting: The Mole Page: The Recipes
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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Thank you both! I was going to keep it and come right here and ask yesterday so I could continue preparing my meal but after I broke the jar, I was concerned there might be glass in it. I only got maybe a half tablespoon out that I tried in the broth just to see what would happen. I used my wisk to try and get the lumpiness out but that just didn't work.

I think I'll buy some more (not on clearance) and try it. I couldn't find a date on this so who knows how old it was! Then if we like it, I'll attempt making my own.

Thanks for the site, Mezz! I'm going to bookmark it for future reference! Sorry about the mole confusion. lol I can't ever remember how to put the little accent mark (the name escapes me!) over the letters.
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Mole is wonderful simmering stuff. I like simmering a cubed up pork shoulder in mole. :)
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Kuan, do you make it yourself?

If you buy it, then what do you mix it with and how do you get it to dissolve?

My idea was to put the pork roast in the crock pot with the mole/broth mixture poured over it and let it cook. I was hoping for a pulled pork consistency that I could put over the rice dish or put in tortillas.
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Just mix it with water, or broth. It's quite involved to make it yourself, but there's no reason you can't make an ancho chile sauce, or a poblano, or some other roasted chile sauce!

Look in Rick Bayless' book for some really good mouth watering stuff.
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Good ole Dona Maria, it comes highly recommended

and the first time I tried it, almost had the same luck as you. I think a pry type opener works best, just work your way around and just when you are ready to give up, it opens. Every jar I have had is like cement. My brown roux gets like that when I save it, so not sure it means it is old.
I just dig out little bits with a teaspoon to get enough for the recipe, once part is out it is a bit easier to use a butter knife (carefully!) and slide the rest out.
I am wondering if a minute in the microwave would soften it and make it easier?
And, it is hard to blend, just whisk and whisk and whisk. Funny as I type this and remember, I just think "Boy it is worth it!".
I do chicken thighs here at home for me . Did some small turkeys at work this summer.
Thanks for the link Mezzaluna, looks like fun and informative, saved!
Do want to make my own sometime. Here is a recipe from another forum that comes highly recommended. From Rick Bayless originally. Forums & Recipes :
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Thanks Kuan!

I've watched some of Rick Bayless on PBs and loved his shows. I really need to add his book to my wish list. lol

Shipscook, that is the brand I had. Is the ratio on the jar which I believe (going from memory here and it's not always perfect on measurements) was a tablespoon to a cup of broth a good way to make it or should you use more or less of the mole?
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yep, it's 4 broth or water to 1 part cement, hehe.
Wish I had bought thighs today.
it is so good.
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I think Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen is the best of his cookbooks. It is the companion to the second season of his PBS show. I've never attempted a Mole, but when I do, I'll try a recipe out that book. The essentials section that starts the book is also great. It really teaches how to build Mexican dishes from the bottom up. I've utilized the procedures for toasting and re-hydrating chiles, frying sauces, etc. with great success. They are time consuming, but so flavorful and satisfying when you get them right. It is my favorite cookbook.

I have a thick Diane Kennedy cookbook, also, but prefer the Bayless.

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Thanks for this thread! I have a container of mole that I ordered from have it. Never could figure out what to do with it.
Now I think I'm brave enough to open it. I have some chicken breasts that are begging for some kind of Mexican sauce. Now I think I have a reason to defrost them! :lol:
I have used chicken breasts for so many things-now I have something new to try.
más vale tarde que nunca
más vale tarde que nunca
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I've made serveral different kinds of mole, green, red, black, yellow, habanero, and prickley pear to name a few. There is no comparison between ho' made and the jar stuff. It will take serveral hours to make but well worth it.
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A quick mole:

5 chiles guajillo, sliced
5 corn tortillas, sliced
1/2 medium onion, sliced
1 tsp oil
50 gr chocolate
1 tsp black peppercorn

-Fry in the pan chiles, tortillas and onion
-Add water and boil
-Puree the mixture and pour in the pan
-Add chocolate, peppercorn and salt
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"The pressure's on...let's cook something!"
"The pressure's on...let's cook something!"
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Thanks amazingrace! I added that to my cookbook on zaar and will try it sometime soon.
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