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Lemon cupcakes

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I've been following a lemon cupcake recipe which involves incorporating lemon juice and zest. Also it involves adding a small dollop of lemon curd into the batter, then spooning rest of the batter into the cupcake case. It rises and comes out ok but once it has cooled, the cake comes away from the case which makes it look awful. :look: What am I doing wrong? This doesn't happen with any of my other cupcakes. Is it something to do with the lemon curd? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Probably would get more advice if this was posted in the Baking and Pastry forum.
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I find the best results with cupcakes is to bake the cupcake, then inject/ pipe the lemon curd or chocolate or butterscotch etc... right into the baked cupcake

I tried adding a little lemon curd into my cupcake then baked it... but the lemon curd seemed to go right to the bottom of the cupcake and spread .. so it was a waiste of good lemon curd doing that way ....
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