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Baker wannabe from TN

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Hey all. I just joined and thought I'd say hi. I'm into baking more than actually cooking. Cooking kind of feels like a chore to me. Haha. I'm looking forward to learning a lot while I'm here.
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Hello Celendra and welcome to Chef Talk. As a baker you'll find plenty to draw your interest in this community. We have two baking and pastry forums: one is for all who are interested (the Pastries and Baking General Forum) and one reserved for professionals (the Professional Pastry Chef's Forum), but which everyone can read and enjoy.

I'm ja home cook who is just getting back into bread baking after a long hiatus. My early efforts were hit and miss. I've learned a lot here that has helped me, notably how gluten behaves and how kneading and resting affect the finished bread. In fact, I have some bread in the oven as I write this. It's made from my grandmother's challah recipe. :lips:

We hope you explore the whole board! Don't miss the cooking articles, coobook reviews, recipes and the photo gallery (which has many photos of wonderful baked goods and pastries). I hope you visit and participate often.

Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
Moderator Emerita, Welcome Forum
***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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Hi...I'm from TN too! Where are you West, Middle or East? I'm a Middler! Good seeing you here!
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Hello to you, and welcome to the forum. I'm a newbie as well.
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Cool...so you're a restaurant manager?! How'd you get started? Did you go to school for restaurant/hospitality management? What kinda hours do you work in your mgmt position? I'd love to hear more...if you don't mind. You can email me @ crispysgirl@gmail.com I'd love to combine my degree and my passion for food...:lips: I just don't know how and where to get started.
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I noticed that you said Challah bread. Are you or your grandmother Jewish? We enjoy Challah bread as a family every Shabbat buut have not found a very good recipe from scratch. I usually pick it up at the bakery. Can you suggest one?
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Where in Tennessee? I'm in Nashville :)
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