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Pommes Robuchon?

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This seems to be very trendy these days. I look on menus and I have noticed alot of chefs are putting "Pommes Robuchon" on menus. I know that one of his claims to culinary fame is that he has many different ways to do potatos, But what is it? Is it something only certian people can use? Dont get me wrong, I would work for the man for nothing, washing dishes, scrubing floors, doing what ever I could to be a part of the atmospher. I just really have to know, what are "Pommes Robuchon"?:eek:
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Mashed potatoes.

Lots more butter and cream than the usual, heated ovder a bain marie.
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E.g., higher fat and way higher markup than standard mashed potatoes. Besides, "puree of pommes de terre" sounds so much better.
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As far as Robuchon's restaurants, I believe they use only potatoes direct from France.
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