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re: Plexiglass/Glass Prop Stands, etc..

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At some of the big box stores in Ontario, they use a lot of the simple plexi glass stands, two sides and a top and they usually stick like a vase or something on top to just show off a product.

My question is, where would I go to buy these locally or even on the web? It seems that this is an internal purchase that the big box stores have a deal with a company to manufacture for them.

I do not know where to buy some of these and would really like to.. if anyone has a link to where I can get some it would be appreciated and while I have this thread open does anyone know where to get any other props that are food related?

For the time being I am going to source some materials from an Ikea and Home Depot (both aren't local to me, so im going on a journey) I was just hoping to find a place that has premade stands, etc, or if you have any ideas to share I am all ears.

Thank you,
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I would look for a manufacturer of plexiglass in your area, give them the specs on the stand size and see what they would charge you to make them.
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I hit Goodwill which is a charity store, estate sales over garage sales.....
Gotten plastic molded for the farmer's markets not for catering, at the time I was in their shop/workspace someone was having ice block bases made to their specs.

The last weird buy for me was at a Catholic Supply House, shot glass holder or they would say communion glass tray.

Bed Bath and Beyond has the best prices (including industry wholesalers) around here for glasses $10 for a dozen.
Great damask table cloths too.

there are somethings I'm ok doing....ie shopping for shtuff
and some lines I draw....working with power tools to adapt and make shtuff
It would be so cool to have some "go to" guy or girl that would help design props for our needs.
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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Thanks for the responses..

shroomgirl sadly almost all of the stores don't exist where I live. Yesterday I went to ikea and picked up a small planter box, and created a tree like thingy.. I am going to use it for a 'strawberry tree'.. I will have photos after next weekend. Also at ikea I picked up some framless pictures, I am using the glasss on top of upside down wine glasses (for the base) and I will present sushi, etc on top. I also picked up some cheap 4 packs of mirrors that are a nice about 15x15" shape.

I have also ordered some 5 3/4 oz highballers with thick base from France, sadly they are backordered for up to 8-12 weeks.

I have been finding lately that you really do have to be creative and think outside of the box if no place does exist that can create custom pieces. I would be skeptical to have custom plexi pieces made when I am sure the ones at a store are so dirt cheap-- maybe I will use an inside source to gnab me some :)
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For retail store supplies, take a look at the retail equipment suppliers on this website; many will alow you to connect to the manufacturer's or distributor's site. If I remember correctly, I think you have to look under the tradeshow particapant list to get to individual websites. Surely you will be able to link to some in Canada.

Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc.
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Here's another one.

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