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Help with getting started

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Hello! I just want to start off with a little background info first: I'm 13....My family has decided to open up a family business (in this case a yarn store/alpaca farm) I am the designated Chef in our family (:chef: hee hee I love that emoticon!) and will be bake desserts and stuff (we're not quite sure exactly what all we'll be making we've got a little less than a year) So here's my problem: I don't know any info. on baking for a business. I cook/bake all the time at home (that and writing are my passion) but I don't know where to start here. I have recipes and stuff that's not a problem. My problem is how do I know how to get my work-space (aka 'the kitchen' lol) approved? What kinds of info. should I know before I even begin researching? what are some good sites for researching? etc... If you could post up some good sites to check out that would be great! I was going to google it and couldn't think of the right search words without getting about a 1000 results I don't need!
Thanks so much for your patience and help...! <3
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First of all congratulation on your "focus". Not many 13 year olds are that focused. The best place to start would be to make a call to your area/state's Health Department or Department of Agriculture they can direct you from there and you can pass the info along to your "PARENTAL UNITS".

Most states require that you have "commercial" equipment in place and to code before they will come to inspect and let you open.

here are a few things that you may need...

a stainless steel hand sink
a 3 or 4 bay stainless steel sink ( depending on your area)
a commercial oven
if you use gas you may have to get special permits and inspections from your local fire department.
if you're going to "COOK", you need an ancel system
a grease trap if you're going to cook also, if you are just baking...they may not need you to have one. I don't need one here in Florida...but thinking of getting a "portable" one for under the sink, just in case that 'need' changes.
storage shelving
large containers for your flour and sugar
commercial refrigeration
Stainless steel prep tables

(most of the equipment your family can purchase used)

floor and walls that are easy to clean.

Some of the other Chef's here can assist you better, I'm sure!!!

Good Luck!!
Food may bring us together, but a CAKE makes it a PARTY!!
Food may bring us together, but a CAKE makes it a PARTY!!
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Thank you very much for your help! You did help!!!!!!!:) :)
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Wow, industrious, and polite with good people skills!

Alpaca, one thing I wasn't sure from your question is whether you were intending to do this in the same kitchen your family cooks from, or whether you were going to establish another commercial kitchen. When you said "aka the kitchen" I didn't know if you meant your family's kitchen. I am not sure of the exact laws in your state, but in general many jurisdictions do not allow you to prepare food for sale in your home kitchen, a separate designated kitchen is required. So make sure you look into that.

If you have some farmers markets near you, sometimes the organizers of local farmers markets are pretty up on what the requirements are, as they have dealt with farmers who want to sell baked goods at their markets, so they may be able to tell you what's required, then you can follow up and verify that info.

You might also want to find a food safety course in your area. Some places have one-day courses for people in similar situations to yours.

You might also want to check into your parent's farm insurance policy, to see if your enterprise would be included, and if it would raise the rates.
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