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Question about Heavy Cream

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I know there is Non Fat Dried Milk, Whole Dried Milk and a couple of other Dried Milk Products. But I would like to find out if there is a Dried Heavy Cream product. I'll be making a few large batches of Egg Nog and also some other desserts that call for Heavy Cream. I don't want to buy the regular ligued Heavy Cream, as I'm not sure when I will need it. So I don't want to buy it if I will not use it all.

Thank you,
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Heavy Cream...

When we lived in a small remote village in Alaska years back - I made friends with a Japanese woman who used a dehydrated powder to make the most amazing desserts that I have ever had! The base of it was "rice" and I have tried to find that substitute again - think it may be through a company called AB Ingredients but couldn't find a way to purchase packets of it! Try to search it out as it is well worth it!:chef:
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Wow, interesting question...

I found a cream powder at myspicer. com which sounds interesting, however, it says that it doesn't reconstitute well and is best only for baking. Also, it doesn't list the fat content or the ingredients... sounds like it has some artificial stuff in it. Heavy cream should be 35-40% milkfat.
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Basically, fat won't dehydrate. Cream has a large fat content. (Otherwise, it'd be skim milk!)

So, you're pretty much out of luck trying to get a successful, drinkable cream from a powder.

Just buy some cream. If you don't use it all with the egg nog, you can always whip it up with some sugar and vanilla and put it on your pumpkin pie.
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A half gallon of heavy cream (40%) will last a long time in the frig. Buy at SAm's or Costco. Look at the dates, they are 30 days out. Even after opening you can get 2-3 weeks out of them. I suggest that everytime you pour some out; with a clean towel and very hot water, carefully wipe the spout of the carton so it can close tightly. The cream is very thick and it builds up so it doesn't close.
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