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Can you guys help me out...

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I want to load my pics in the right places...and I ma having trouble...

23 24 Nov 06 001 pictures from friends & fun photos on webshots

There is my album

Please help!:blush:
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we sometimes have server problems at CT, and any number of people have mentioned that the site runs slow or that it's sometimes difficult to access. Why not just post the link to the URL of the photos and abums you'd like to share, as you did here?

I don't know how to post photos to the gallery here, but if you want to put pics directly into your posted messages, you can click on the mountain icon in the border above the space where you type the messages and a window will pop up allowing you to post the link to individual photos.

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Thanks Shel- I did get a couple to load for me...and i put the link in my sig block...
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