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Bakers, I need help...

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I am in the market for some good bakeware. I want a bread pan and a jelly roll pan. I am mainly interested in baking breads and rolls.
Can anyone point me in the right direction as far as bakeware goes. One minute I hear that Stainless Steel is best, then aluminum.
Please help. :)
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I'm a home cook. I've learned the hard way to avoid dark finishes on bakeware, as it can overbrown or even burn baked goods. I now use aluminum baking pans with parchment and have no problems. I just bought mini-madeleine tins at Williams-Sonoma; I had a choice of black, non-stick and aluminum- I chose the aluminum.

I suppose there are times when you'd want a dark finish on your pans, but I'll leave it to the pros and other, more experienced bakers to speak to that.
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***It is better to ask forgiveness than beg permission.***
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I learned that the hard way too.
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I second aluminium; uncoated, bare, simple and reliable aluminium.

SSteel is a usable alternative for roasting pans, cheap and strong, but their uneven heat distribution is not too great for sensitive baked goods.
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Bread pan

Hi! Bakers only use pans that are black or non-shiny. Somehow the breads turn out better. As for cakes, it does not really matter as long as it comes out easily from the tin. Aluminiums are good for household purposes as they are so lightweight and easy to store. They are more durable and much cheaper as you do not fear a heartache when you scratch it. Hope this little information helps.
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I like aluminum and parchment for sheet trays. Perhaps a pizza stone would be a good move.

The best deals are at thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales, because old cookware is usually better quality and many of the old molds and tins are no longer availible except lower through specialty catalogues.Restaurant supply houses are usually open to the public and a good deal.
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Hmm... is that why I've seen black iron baking sheets at a commercial supplies shop?
Or is that the extreme of what you're describing?
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use aluminum for pans & sheet trrays. If your baking mufiins or cupcakes we just moved to the Silicone type, easy cleanup .but way more expensive. we use them alot so they have paid for themselves already.
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Black baking trays

Probably. All bakers use them. Because as in the theory of physics, a black body absorbs the most heat. And mind you they are real heavy too. My teacher broke two of his toes when one dropped on them. Ouch!
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