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Hi Everyone,

I'm Duke. I was just on the internet because I was looking to see if their were any Tips for The Red Seal Examination. I have recently finished School at Liaison College and will be writting my Red Seal in the New Year. I am happy to say I have discovered this site:bounce:.

Just wondering if anyone who has recently passed their test could share their thoughts and imput. I do have and Over-view of the Red Seal Exam with the categories and Percentage of how many questions will be on it. Will be happy to share it will anyone. It is how-ever dated from 2004 and I expect their to be changes.

Once again I am happy to join this group and look forward to hearing, and maybe helping some of you.

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I'm Rick from Farmington, NM. I cook every day (for friends and myself). I work as a Deterntion officer and trainer so my life (what ther is of it) cam become hectic. I love to cook to relieve stress and I joind Chef's talk to improve my cooking skills
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