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Comfort Food

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Morning all

I was having a discussion with some friends of my about what kinds of things are comfort foods for them. Then I was thinking about this forum and what do some professional chefs see as comfort foods. While i know that you all are human and would likely like some of the same "standard" comfort foods as non-professional cooks/chefs

but anyways let me know what you guys see as comfort foods

(if this comes out wrong im sorry not good with this whole talking/words thingy)
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roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans.....a good friend of mine is opening a restaurant in a few weeks....I've begged him to have roasted chicken on the menu.

vegetable beef soup with yeast rolls

hot pudding....chocolate or butterscotch, preferably with the skin on

cream of wheat.....where did this come from?!
cooking with all your senses.....
cooking with all your senses.....
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Gee, for me almost everything is a comfort food. It depends on my mood and the weather. Soup on cold days, creamy porridge on cold mornings, ice cream and fruit (especially ripe peaches, luscious cherries, ripe, red strawberries, wild blueberries) on warm days, a big plate of veggies most any time, summer salads, a fresh picked, ripe tomato eaten out of hand, a big bowl of noodles, cold or hot depending on mood and weather, a great home made beef or turkey burger, good, snappy hot dogs, quality bread slathered with sweet butter ... oh, light, fluffy pancakes with just a hint of good butter and light amber Grade A maple syrup. Like shroom said, fresh made chocolate pudding with the skin on is a real comfort treat ...

Coffee "regular" taken at the counter of a NYC diner on a blustery morning, an English muffin toasted well and crispy with a slice of aged cheddar melted in it, a fresh-made buttermilk donut, a big plate of scrambled eggs and crispy hash browns or home fries with habanero ketchup on the side, fresh-squeezed orange or grapefruit juice, not too cold, breakfast out with friends, a warm "NYC" bagel with a schmear of natural cream cheese, maybe a little "Nova" as well ... and, speaking of NYC, a Sabrett's dog with mustard and kraut, maybe those wonderful Sabrett's onions ... great knishes, a great corned beef and pastrami on rye with a full-sour pickle and a scoop of potato salad from a NYC deli, NYC pizza, especially from one of the old style pizza places ... fresh veggies and produce from th farmers market, fresh brewed tea ...

Good food, fresh food, home made food, food from my childhood - that's comfort.

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