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storing mushrooms

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Mushrooms were on sale so I have large paper bag of button mushrooms 1 to 2 inches diameter in refrigerator. Would like to save some large ones for a few weeks for grilling or stuffing. Probably impossible. But to save for cooking I have tried drying with little success. Wondered if cutting into quarters and sauteing in butter until soft and then freezing would give a respectible result. Would they defrost into anything very close to the original as sauteed condition? Would I have to saute off all the liquid before freezing?
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most mushrooms tend to turn black if you freeze them after cooking.
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In addition to becoming discolored, they become rubbery!!

I make Duxelles. James Beard once wrote an excellent article on the subject, "Chop Away for Lovely Duxelles".

His recipe can be found at:
Recipe: Duxelles by James Beard
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Just rediscovered another discussion on the internet on this subject:

Mushrooms???? - Home Cooking - Chowhound
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